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A very active member of the house music community, Dawud is the founder of Live In the Mix Entertainment – a group he formed to provide a platform for known and unknown DJs to gain more visibility.  He’s also the founder of the Hillside Outdoor Music & Entertainment Festival and the co-founder of the NY/NJ Exchange Place House Music Festival.  Though he loves playing in nightclubs, festivals and other special events, his love for music go far beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes.  As a DJ, producer, and promoter, he has found plenty of ways to express himself musically.   His latest venture is The House Brands & Fashion Show where he brings different house brands, i.e., DJs, promoters and dancers together with local fashion designers together to “House the Runway.”  

Dawud Johnson


Today our committee is proud to announce Sir Charles Dixon as one of our live performers at the 9th annual Weequahic House Music Festival.

Charles "Sir Charles Mixin" Dixon has long been a force behind syndicated mix shows, radio programming, and record promotions and artist development. Not only is he one of the music industry's most unsung pioneers, but he is also one of the most dedicated. With over three decades of experience under his belt, Charles continues doing the daily grind, even working on Sundays because as he puts it plainly, "everyone else is still sleeping.


" As a result of his intense work ethic and infinite drive, Charles is a bonafide triple threat - a successful music exec producer, DJ, and promoter/consultant. The first R&B mixer ever to join Music Choice in 1998, Charles entertained the satellite television channel’s 56 million potential music-starved listeners with The R&B/Hip-Hop Mixtape, his self-produced weekly music series for over 12 years. His Mixtape's blend of R&B and hip-hop has garnered rave reviews from fans around the world.

Sir Charles Dixon

Carmen Brown is an accomplished entertainer, producer, songwriter, actress and consummate businesswoman; starting her own label, Brown Skin Entertainment in 2011. The Plainfield NJ native began singing in church choirs at the tender age of 4. By age 16, she won several state competitions and was named Vocalist of the Year in “Who’s Who in Music”. This gave wings to her dream of becoming a recording artist and paved the way to her performing R&B/hip-hop and house music on various national and European tours. 

When Carmen felt the Holy Spirit leading her in a different direction, she answered the Lord’s call to share His message with all who will receive it.

 Carmen’s songs are deeply soulful, with vocals that are strong yet beautiful and fluid. While not limited to a particular genre of gospel, she rejoices in creating gospel songs that span traditional, contemporary, R&B, house and hip-hop music.  She combines the genius of the past and the energy of today creating something fresh and memorable.

Carmen Brown

carmen brown.jpg

Hippie Torrales began DJing at the age of 15. He came into recognition in NJ and NY after opening “Docks” with co-partner Nelson “Butchie” Nieves. After establishing himself as an innovative and creative jock, Hippie was recognized and hired to work at Abe’s Disco, which was the forerunner for Club Zanzibar. On Friday, August 29, 1979, opening night at Club Zanzibar – Hippie became the resident DJ and opening jock for the club.

During his tenure at Club Zanzibar, Hippie won the prestigious Billboard Disco Forum 8 Award for the best disc jockey in the State of New Jersey – in the same year Larry Levan won the award for New York. It was the last time those Billboard Awards were held. After his resident at Club Zanzibar, Hippie went on to play all the Jersey Shore night clubs. In addition to the club gigs, Hippie worked on music production and remixing. Some of his most notable mixes of that period were Jimmy Ross’ – “Fall Into A Trance” and The Clark Sister’s – “You Brought The Sunshine”, which garnered them a 1 record of New York’s local radio station WBLS and also garnered them a Grammy nomination that year for Best Gospel.

Hippie Torrales

SteveSilkHurley_Pub Shot1.png

Silk is a pioneer of the modern-day remix, being named as the first producer to incorporate the new style of remixing that exists today, in which a totally new composition is created over an
Accapella. Wikipedia ( cites the relevance of Hurley’s House Remixes of ballads and pop records to the gradual evolution of the remix to this style.

Many of Silk’s remix projects stem from original versions which are not in the dance genre at all, but his house remixes still manage to reach the #1 position on the dance charts, and sometimes even become crossover radio hits. With hundreds of remixes under his belt, Silk’s influence on
the evolution of the remix has helped expand the worldwide reach of House Music.

Hurley and global DJ/Producer Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas have also garnered worldwide recognition with their label, S&S Records, Inc. / S&S Chicago, Inc. (, which boasts a catalog of over 500 releases.

In addition to playing intense DJ sets across the globe, Silk also displays his mixing skills on his Internet Radio Station, MashUpFM, ( which airs Mashups in the day, and HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG (presented by S&S Chicago / S&S Records, Inc.)


Duce Martinez

Duce Martinez has been DJing for as long as some of the new breed of digital DJs have been alive, though by looking at him you would think the baby faced Martinez was a kid himself. If you are familiar with the New York House scene, though, I don’t have to tell you about Duce. Chances are you’re a fan already!

Julio Martinez aka Duce, sometimes Deuce, is by no means a rookie. He has been doing it up since vinyl was king and CD’s were but a hi-tech dream. Which is why I believe he has a showmanship about him that you don’t see much from in the new breed of DJs. See, Duce is not only a pleasure to listen to, he’s a blast to watch as well.

From behind the DJ booth, Duce skillfully delivers banging House cuts, Disco, Soul, and other funkdified goodness, but one quickly begins to wonder with all the dance moves in between cuts if he ever had another life on the other side of the DJ booth as a dancer. Turns out he has.


Teddy Douglas

What does Micheal Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Crystal Waters, Erykah Badu, Martha Wash and Ultra Nate’ all have in common? All of them have been produced by Teddy Douglas .The Baltimore native DJ/producer began his DJ career professionally in 1983 at the hottest clubs in Baltimore D.C. area till present.

Teddy Douglas, a Baltimore native, recalls listening to plenty of Motown, Stax and Philadelphia International records at an early age. As an avid record collector, he has collected Everything from 60's classic rock to current house. In the late 70's he began his DJ career performing for high school dances and neighborhood parties.

Influenced by some of his favourite DJ's like Tee Scott, Larry Levan and Mandrill Harris, Teddy would eventually land a residency in 1983 at Baltimore's premier hot spot Odell's. It was during this period he'd meet Thommy Davis and Jay Steinhour while working at local record shops and the trio would go on to form the infamous Basement Boys Productions. In 1986 there first record, "Love Don't Live Here Anymore", was released on Jump St. Records (N.Y.C.). Since then they have produced some of clubland's biggest stars.

In 1989 they discovered Ultra Nate ("Blue Notes in the Basement"-Warner Brothers) and recorded her early club anthems, "It's Over Now" and "Rejoicing". Later that year they also produced Mass Order's "Lift Every Voice" and Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman" and "100% Pure Love". Today Teddy still enjoys DJing either locally at club Paradox or across the globe, performing for thousands from Italy to Japan. He is also head of A&R for Basement Boys Records and CEO of Basement Boys Productions. Teddy keeps very busy looking for new talent and new tunes.

ck pee.jpg

Few people can lay claim to being the definitive voice of their profession. Mc Ckp is definitely one of those people. And most important a genuinely Nice guy


BEFORE CKP!!!! I had been influenced by many, many people mainly guys on mics in dances ,raves etc.School for me was like going to a music academy, we would mc/chat/dj in class ,at break time ,lunch time even in the lessons,what great fun.Having gone to school in Brent music was the policy, at school Chucky Star/dolomite ,Suncycle famo ,Yootie General (Volcano sound) Colonal Fluff ,General Levy, Mc Neat plus many more made up the ,up and coming talent.


first choice.jpg

A very important record in dance music history. Besides being a great tune in it's own right, Dr. Love has gone on to form the backbone of house tracks like 'Your Love' by Terrence Parker, 'Doctors Housecall' by Black Traxx and 'Da Love' by Jammin Gerald just to name a few. I was a huge fan of 'Your Love' by Terrance Parker way before I knew about this track and it was a trip to hear it and understand how the sample had been used.
Now I spin the OG more than the songs that sampled it, it really holds up almost 40 years later.

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