2021 Lineup


Not every singer is a performer, not every singer has the “it” personality and not every singer is a “star.” Rare is the woman who can excel in all these areas, yet Kischa does so with dedication and ease. If this were not enough to set her apart, Kischa has crafted a style that blurs the boundaries of club, house, R & B, and soul. To call her a club singer would not be fair as she blends music gentries smoothly, she is what we call a creator, an artist. The New Jersey native boasts a wide range of talents that’s unparallel by most in today’s industry.

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Dj since 1989, playing all genres. Dj for Syndicated radio show host and Stellar Award Winner Liz Black on Inspirations with Liz Black and Sunday Praise Live on the WBLS Facebook page. Host of The Sunday Night Gospel House Mixshow 9-11 pm EST Sundays.


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